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Love it!

By: Dianne Blankenbaker    (Jul 8, 2012)

When I learned about Wildwood Harvest, I knew it was their first year growing, but getting to know the growers made me confident they were going to be successful.

Even with the extreme heat and drought this summer, we're still getting veggies.

I love going out to the farm to pick up our box--we get to see the new chicks, the growing garden, the baby goat, the turkeys, all of it! We learn something new each time, too.

Best of all, they are growing a nice variety of foods so we don't get a giant box of kale one week and a giant box of something else the next. Instead, we get a reasonable portion of different vegetables depending on what's growing well that week.

It's a unique experience to belong to the Wildwood CSA--we feel like part of the extended family.

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