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So Many Great Things

By: Iris Lozano    (Jul 12, 2012)

If you believe that "Knowledge is power" and "You are what you eat", then joining a CSA like Eden's should be something to consider. I'm a founding member of Eden's and have never looked back. There's nothing like knowing the person who grows your food, why they are doing it, and what they want you to gain from it, and Marie Tedei (owner/founder) wants you to know all this too. Getting information and being informed is easy. There's Eden's Facebook page and an email newsletter letting everyone know what's in this week's share and what's growing in the field. The food is definitely a variety. I mean, I've seen tomatoes -- but I hadn't seen THOSE tomatoes before. Same goes for potatoes, carrots, etc. I've pulled carrots out of the ground, dusted them off, and had myself a purple carrot snack in the middle of day. I can't imagine all the good stuff that is available in those vegetables when they are so fresh. I can tell you that the taste can't compared to having them shipped from some other state or country. And if you get to know Marie, you'll get to see what she means by COMMUNITY supported agriculture. She has real concern for the people in the community, what their eating, and their health. What she's done is provide an opportunity to eat healthier, and by that, stay healthier. We also hold potluck picnics and eat under a shade tree there. Members will sit and get to know each other and just have a fun day outdoors. I know farming is a risk, but a necessary one. Not just anybody can grow anything anywhere. So having this so close to me is amazing. I was willing to take part in the risk, and I've been more than pleased in what I've received in return. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

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Marie Tedei says:    (Nov 16, 2014)
Awe, Iris - you and I have shared some smiles and tears haven't we? :) Thank you so much for your years of loyalty and support - and this stellar review! (I never noticed I could comment on them before!?)