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Hard to Eat but...

By:    (Jul 22, 2012)

But they are soooo YUMMY!!!. My Abuelo (Grandfather) grew these when I was a child, and just recently a co-worker gave me a zip lock bag full of these from his garden (San Jose, California). I cried not just because of the heat but because of the memories the fire in my mouth brought back. I'm Mexican and these "little devils" were used to help the parents stop their children from biting their nails. But these chilies dry well and can be stored in lidded jars, pickeled, made into a "screaming" salsa. cooked with are excellent in soups. But have to be handled with care. My employer no longer allows my co-worker or I to give chilies away to fellow co-workers during lunch...a few "first-timers" had to go to the hospital for eye or mouth burns.

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