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Papered Large Black Piglets

By: len feebz    (Jul 24, 2012)

I found Antayas Acres on craigslist and i like the large black breed of pig. We made an agreement that they would trade me some papered large black breeding stock in exchange for my china polands piglets. After my pigs were picked up in early spring 2011 i was told i would get my large black piglets in early summer 2011 as they were not born yet. Later that summer i was informed that i would not get my large black piglets due to the piglets were not purebred, and they were not able to get papers .I was told i would half to wait for a later litter. The following spring and still no piglets i decited to take back my pigs that were not payed for. After several phone calls and attempts to get in contact with Brett. Finally i was able to get them to agree to let me pick up my pigs.It was a long ordeal that i would rather not go through again. The family was very polite and helpful while retreving my gilts I gave this farm a 2 star needs inprovement i think they got in way over their head, got to big to fast. Never should offer papered pigs if you do not have the papers on your sows yet. Im shure this was a learning experiance that can be corrected, as for me cash no more trading I reed lots of reviews and i can see that their is a lot of people that have had good dealings with antaya acres, and some that had bad. While my experiance was bad i appreciate the fact that this family is trying to live off of the land. And willing to grow food for others. People do not understand the amount of hard work this demands.

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Brett & Stephanie Antaya says:    (Jul 26, 2012)
Biggest problem with my transaction with Leonard was after purchasing 13 'registered' LBH gilts/sows, we only ever received paperwork on one of them. Only 7 of the 13 proved fertile, and 2 of those died during farrowing to stuck piglets. The one sow we actually have registration papers for is the one we bought from Kay Wolfe, who at the time was the president of the LBHA and could print her own. I couldn't deliver on registered piglets because we couldn't get the paperwork for our pigs from the people who we purchased them from. Most of them couldnt get the paperwork from Ted Smith in Mississippi, or at least that was our understanding. Ted has been behind for so long it was standard practice for his registry for paperwork to take up to a year. Ted is in his 80s and in poor health last we had heard, so getting paperwork from his registry at this point will probably never happen. Communication between us should have been better, but I work 100 plus hours a week trying to hold down the fort up here, while Brett works downstate and the little people stay down there with him most all of the time. I was barely hanging on...I stopped talking to just about everyone and went into survival mode. I haven't sold a purebred LBH since, nor will I - papered or not they are not a good production pig..but it took us a good while to get that all sorted out. Noone wants to speak the truth about the pigs because they are afraid it will hurt the market for the purebred hogs, and it would. We only cross them for meat these days. Our results with the crossbred hogs have been much better. You get the marbling with the benefits of a larger genepool. I'm sorry Leonard, I wish I could have fixed it sooner and I wish I had a better solution to offer. I had no way of knowing we wouldn't get the paperwork. There were 3 seperate breeders involved and I firmly believe they all thought that they would be able to get them (just like we did) and it just never happened. I would have loved to offer you a cash refund, but Lord we just didn't have we did what we could. You know what circumstances I have up here.