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Um, where's the food?

By: Kristy Varunan    (Aug 4, 2012)

I joined this CSA thinking it would be great, especially since it was close to my house. I paid for it in April, and then received no communication even after threatening them because I was sure I had been scammed. I was just about to report them through paypal when I finally got an email saying we would be starting soon. When I showed up the first week to collect my food, I couldn't find it. Apparently I thought I was going to the farm, but instead I was going to their mailbox where a cooler was sitting in the sun with my food. When I finally got my stuff, it was a pathetically small amount. One sandwich bag of greens, two radishes, a very small amount of herbs and a strawberry plant that eventually died because I am no good at growing things, which is why I paid someone else to do it in the first place. The second week was no better, even though we were promised the romaines were coming in nicely. I stopped going to pick up my food because it is honestly not worth the couple of dollars in gas to get a sandwich bag of food. And without the weekly newsletter we were promised, I don't even know what half the stuff is! Stay away from this farm, don't waste your money!

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