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Superior Farm Tour

By: Laura Hayden    (Aug 6, 2012)

My daughters and I visited the farm to help with chores and feed the goats/chickens. Our family has been enjoying the farm's milk and eggs for almost two years now and we were due for a visit - why did we wait so long? The farm tour was superior! Not only did we learn more about where our food comes from, but how much work goes into the quality we are able to enjoy in our kitchen. The girls giggled while feeding the goats our fresh-organic cucumbers, spinach, and apples we had brought; they had big eyes and huge smiles examining the colors of the eggs they found too. My favorite fun was seeing the chickens "come flying" when called and seeing how the goats had such great manners and actually knew each of their names! Big stuff for a city girl to take in. I also LOVED trying the chocolate mint - it was devine. The experience was a perfect day trip (we live in Olathe, KS) and the owners were the most hospitable I have met! Fantastic outing to share with the family.

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