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5 Reasons to Support 7th Heaven Farm

By: Jim Krouse    (Aug 6, 2012)

There isn't a lot to add to the five previous reviews about Carla, her farm or the animals. I agree with the previous reviews 100%.

I'd like to share my experience as a newbie to the world of pastured meat, and perhaps help those considering a change from store bought meat, or thinking about buying their pastured meat in bulk. One reason for each of the five stars!

Breadth of Selection: If you are filling a freezer with pastured meats, consider 7th Heaven as your primary provider, as they raise a wide variety of animals. Some I have not seen elsewhere; veal and piglet.

Choice of Cuts: When you order a half or whole animal you get to choose how the animal is butchered. This is a great way to beat the grocery store boredom. Every time you purchase you can try new cuts, as there are many ways to butcher the same animal, expanding on what you learned from the last order.

Education: Newbies to purchasing pastured meat in bulk will appreciate Carla's helpfulness and patience as one learns and experiments in this new world. She is always ready with a new recipe idea and encourages her customers to try new ideas.

Convenience: We are about half-way to filing our freezer. Having half a pig and half a lamb at our fingertips, along with a wide variety of cuts, is priceless.

Price: Given all the benefits I've described above, you might think that you would be paying more. The meat is sold by the pound based on hanging weight, and is a very economical way to purchase meat.

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