The Zahradka Farm at Brown's Cove

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Wonderful CSA... don't visit the farm!

By: Michael Jay    (Aug 7, 2012)

I am a Loyal customer of the Zahradkas ' and love their product. I have purchased items at various farmer's markets from them. A few of my friends are actually in their CSA but I don't need to be considering I am a farmer's market junky and they are addictive! My CSA friends feel included in the farm and its awesome. We especially love dealing with and talking to the farmer and his girlfriend. They are so cool and into the farming scene! All is good but I don't recommend visiting the actual farm unless you want a rude awakening. The owners who I believe are family have a chip on their shoulder the size of New York and don;t seem supportive at all of what the farmer's are trying to accomplish. I have had some personal experience, one of which was very recent that was disturbing to say the least. I am very upset my children had to be exposed to what seemed like a family dispute of some kind. A woman who seemed to be an employee was being verbally assaulted by two other women who may have been her bosses in the middle of the parking area. This is something I as a customer do not feel I or my little children should witness. I feel for the younger generation who seem to throw their all into what they believe in, farming wise and I will still be supportive if this farm and offer this support at markets. However... no more farm visits for me.

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