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Absolutely refreshing.

By: Jan Yue    (Aug 11, 2012)

What a wonderful farm to visit, clean, happy, relaxing! From the time you drive in the yard, you are able see how well cared for and happy ALL the animals are. I could do nothing more than smile, when I noticed the bunnies with a fans and frozen bottles of ice! Making sort of bunny ac. looking out over the grassy field I could see the hens playing and picking. As soon as you meet Margie and Gary you can tell their farm is a labor of love rather than a job. I could wait to try the eggs I knew would be better than I expected. As I cracked open my first brown egg, I noticed how rich the deeply golden the yoke was, even the whites of these eggs are delectable. I could never go back to store bought eggs. Thank you for all the wonderfulness you bring to my table. Jan. Y

PS the stringbeans are great!

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