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Not what I was hoping for.

By: Roberta Hofmann    (Aug 13, 2012)

When you drive all the way to a farm, using up expensive gas, and taking the time to do so, you expect fresh food at a reasonable price. Otherwise, why not just go to a grocery store? I purchased 16 peppers from this farm on Saturday afternoon and left them on my board to freeze the next day. Early sunday morning my son pointed out to me that two of the peppers had collapsed within themselves during the night and were a pile of wet mush. Before I could get to the peppers that afternoon, two more had done the same. So 1/4 of the peppers that I bought were useless, and another couple were puckering! I would not expect food that had been fresh picked to have rotted so fast. Clearly, this was not fresh picked produce. I also thought 50 cents per tomato was rather expensive and did not buy any. The 6 zucchini I also bought were ok.

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