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Rude Woman who said she was in charge of the market

By: elizabeth smith    (Aug 18, 2012)

I took my son down to the market to see if we could find a home for an abandoned dog that we nursed back to health. We set up a table and were speaking to a couple next to us when this woman walked up to us and said that we had to leave, that animals were not allowed at the market and that if we wanted to walk around we could and gave me and my son a very rude "thank you". My son and I put our stuff up and then I realized that this woman never even introduced herself and was totally rude. I went back to her and introduced myself with my first and last name and this woman only gave her first name, "Elizabeth". When I asked her her last name and who she was, she said Elizabeth was enough for me to know and that she was in charge of the market. This woman needs to be removed from the market and reprimanded. She doesn't belong in any position dealing with the public, and was totally rude to my ten year old boy.

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says:    (Jun 12, 2014)
I don 't blame you for being upset. If she is in charge she should be required to identify herself with first and last name etc. Makes me wonder if she really was in charge. We were there last weekend and there was a vendor there with a dog and it wasn't a service dog. Hope you can find out what is allowed and what isn't.