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By: Joseph Richardson    (Sep 4, 2012)

The title of my review says it all! The Monstera fruit is one that will surprise you. I've tried many exotic fruits and this one really impressed me. The flavor and texture is like a pineapple and banana combined with, as Farmer Bob described, a hint of vanilla. I like to eat it by cutting crosswise through it to make 1 inch thick wheel-shaped pieces and then nibble the edible segments off the inedible core. Do not eat the green outer scales, only the cream-colored pineapple-like segments, and then only the segments from which the green scales have fallen away from as the fruit gradually ripens along its length. As an added bonus, the fruit is quite tropical in its fragrance as it ripens. This is a fruit that most people outside the tropics and even alot of Florida residents have not tried or heard of, and that adds to the Monstera's appeal as well, in my opinion. Try it while you can, this fruit is probably not one you'll see in most supermarkets anytime soon!

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