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Not good, very disappointing

By:    (Sep 8, 2012)

We joined this CSA for the 2012 summer. The vegetables seemed to be ones that no one had purchased from the prior week. They were old and oversized. Variety was not in the mix at all. We received carrots that were two inches in diameter and a foot long. In my book that is horse food. Potatoes potates potatos. No one can even eat as many potatoes that we were given. We received cabbage at least four weeks in a row. Green beans that were old and left on the vine too long. I would not have purchased any of the food separately if I had gone in the store to buy vegetables. This last week I walked around the store and priced the basket. The total of the basket didn't even come to over $10.00. Do not do this CSA, it is a rip off.

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Linda Skipper says:    (Jan 23, 2013)
We take great pride in giving our CSA members quality and good service. If a member feels like they receive too much of one item such as potatoes, they just need to let me know and I adjust their basket as necessary. We never give old produce. We pick our CSA produce every week on Friday and Saturday. Our market is very busy and we restock daily. As far as the value of our baskets I check the value of each basket every week. It is never ten dollars. It is at least twenty dollars and usually more. Most of our customers say they get plenty for their family, a lot even freeze what they get for the off season or give some away to their friends. Numerous of our members have been a part of our CSA family for five years. If they are not happy they would not renew every year. Our CSA family is rapidly increasing in numbers every year.

Linda Skipper says:    (Jan 23, 2013)
Most of our CSA members prefer the tasty flavor of our large carrots and utilize them to make home made baby food or they like to juice them since they are very sweet. Customers are always raving about how wonderful they are.

Linda Skipper says:    (Mar 21, 2014)
This commenter is unidentified and we were told that it was prompted by a jealous competitor !! It was very puzzling when it happened because we have heard nothing but praise from our member base. We are pleasantly gratified by the strong growth in our CSA each season and the positive comments we hear daily.