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Dishonest Owner

By: Donna Martin    (Sep 15, 2012)

Do not use this CSA! She is very dishonest! She has owed me a refund for months. She has been known to put Publix eggs in her baskets...not even organic. Her flowers also have come from Publix. She makes a lot of empty promises! This CSA should be checked out! She is not conforming to general regulations!

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Dlee Reeves says:    (Nov 9, 2012)
Mrs Martin Your refund was done on a timely basis, and done so by the card processing company. This is done on a monthly time line and not weekly. As for our flowers, yes we bought some from Publixs because we were not set up to buy from the farm yet. But I can assure you our eggs DID NOT come from Publixs. We just REUSE cartons that our customers give us. And when I buy eggs from others who care for their chickens the same way I do, they also come in USED egg cartons. Its called recycling. And if you will actually go back and look at what CSA orginally started as, you will also see there are NO regulations for us to conform to. Each and every CSA is different and ours is as well. CSA was orginally started where you buy (each season) a share of what the farmer HOPE to produce. It was a chance you took right along side the farmer and if it was a good year, you got an acceptable amount of what he grew...but if it was a bad year, you lost just as he did because you had to pay up front and this was anywhere from $650 to $1,000 for a season (like fall/winter or spring/summer). In our program, we take the risk, you have no risk and you pay monthly and not for 6 months in advance. There have been no empty promises but have been mistakes which we tried VERY hard to fix and make right and for the most part have done so. This program is, as I have said to many, not for everyone. I am sorry it did not work for you. But we do hope you come out to the farm here and see what all we have going on. thank you Dlee