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My garlic crop was amazing

By: Dante Renzoni    (Sep 17, 2012)

I bought my garlic stock from Ambrosia Orchard last fall and got it planted in my 100% compost bed early enough to see good growth before freeze up.

Virtually every clove grew into a spectacular head of garlic. The results were amazing. Bulbs that filled my palm with cloves the size of my thumb, and I have big hands. I planted about 325 cloves and harvested, I'm guessing here, about 25 pounds of garlic that's dried down. I will be using some of the garlic to triple my planting to about 1000 this year. Then, maybe I will finally have enough to give away to friends and family and for myself. I give my highest possible recommendation to Larry at Ambrosia Orchards for his willingness to share his extensive knowledge and for the quality of his stock.

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