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Will Not Be Returning Next Year

By: Erin Stalzer    (Oct 4, 2012)

Below I have listed what I found to be the pros & cons of this CSA. In my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros and therefore I will not be continuing with this particular CSA next year. However, I could see some people still thinking it was worth it.


1.) It is one of the few CSAs with pick up sites outside of the beltway.

2.) It is one of the few CSAs that provides produce year-round.

3.) You do not have to pay in full up front. There are a few different payment plans.

4.) You receive eggs as part of the normal CSA.

5.) A fruit share is automatically included with a regular vegetable share.


1.) They only deliver every other week. You may not catch on to this if you aren't paying careful attention when signing up for a share.

2.) They deliver very little produce for only delivering every other week. I had a half-share at my former CSA, and that half-share gave me more produce every week than this share gives ever other week. And the other CSA was cheaper!

3.) They do not prep their produce. This means you must wash all produce before using it. This is a common practice among CSAs though.

4.) They had a very pitiful amount of staple summer produce. Very little tomatoes and peppers, but TONS of corn. When they DID have them, there wasn't even enough to use in any sort of recipe. A few times I got 2-3 small roma tomatoes, and that was it!

5.) Their produce seems to be a much lower quality than my other experiences with other CSAs and farmers market produce. Most of the produce doesn't last through the first week, let alone all the way until the next pick up!

Comments on this Review:

John Cooper says:    (Aug 11, 2013)
Just recently we received an email referencing these reviews. In response, we are voicing our position on these matters. What must be considered is, 2012 was a very harsh year for growing produce, from the record-breaking low temperatures in the winter to a very dry summer. Then, we ended up with Super storm Sandy during the fall season. Two people had a quality issue with some of the produce needing washing, Our produce comes straight from the fields with minimal handling, and our growers and packers do their very best to send your produce as fresh and presentable as possible. The people who complained were members for a brief time. They did not take into consideration the time needed to care for their produce deliveries. These two people also did not have another season for comparison. We are dedicated growers of good food for now and for the future. Please Note: We cannot and do not want to control Mother Nature, we can only adapt and do our very best. Some share items produced smaller yields in 2012. For example, tomatoes were replaced with larger quantities of other items as well as extra valued items, like Apples, Citrus, Free range eggs and local honey. These individuals did not mention this in their reviews. Your comments are very helpful to us. We have had very few complaints over the 14 years our CSA has been in operation. In fact Olin-Fox Farms CSA has received 97% more compliments than complaints over the time we have run the CSA. Over the past 14 years Olin-Fox Farms CSA has been featured in several news papers, magazines, radio shows, and many other online reviews. We will be awarded our third Snail of Approval Award by Slow Food in Washington September 22, 2013. We welcome all comments and will respond in a positive manner. Our pledge to you the consumer is: We strive continually to provide you with the freshest local high quality Natural, Organic and Sustainable fruits and vegetables we possibly can. In addition we are always looking and listening for ways to improve the system, while providing you with a top notch service. Sincerely John O. Cooper IV President Olin-Fox Farms