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Duck Eggs Rule!

By: Joan Phinizy    (Oct 6, 2012)

I have always enjoyed bacon and eggs for breakfast, but never tried duck eggs before. They have taken breakfast to a whole new level! I never would have tried them if I hadn't met Christine of Pugh Farms. Since I bought chicken and chicken eggs from Pugh farms before, and they were so delicious, I trusted Christine and bought a half dozen duck eggs. The Duck eggs have a large yoke thats brighter than chicken eggs, and when scrambled, they are firmer and have more flavor. I've learned a lot about poultry and eggs from Pugh Farms. There's something to be said for fresh natural food and great customer service, which you won't get from a supermarket. Everyone should try Pugh Farms products! Especially the Duck Eggs!!

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Pugh Farms says:    (Oct 12, 2012)
Thank you so much, Joan! I will see you in a week with a whole bunch of fresh duck eggs;)