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Dishonest- do not suscribe

By: Carol Gordon    (Oct 20, 2012)

Items in my "basket" included fruits, vegetables and butter with grocery code stickers they hadn't even bothered to remove. When questioned the owner admitted she "supplemented" with items from the wholesale store. Some items were already beginning to rot when received and had to be thrown away immediately. On the positive side the tomatoes were good. I only suscribed for a month and was very positive in the beginning but overall it was a very disheartening experience that has made me suspect of all CSA's although I'm still trying to find another real one in the area.

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Dlee Reeves says:    (Nov 9, 2012)
Mrs Gordon I am very sorry, as we discussed before, that you were not happy with our program. The stickers you are reffering to if you remember were the reg bananas that so many OTHER customers had requested. So WHEN we could not get the FRESH bananas from the FL farm that we do trade outs with, yes I did add reg banans in that I bought at the wholesale farmers market. The pears if you remember correctly WERE organic and the sticker they had on them STATED just that AND I also told everyone that we had ORGANIC barlett pears which COME FROM CA. Again, I thank you for your cander and I am sorry you were not please. We did not lie about anything or mislead. You seemed to complain every week no matter what and as I TRIED to tell you we were new at this CSA thing BUT NOT farming and we did have some kincks to work thru and asked forgiveness and indeed GAVE many different surprises to say we were sorry when we made mistakes....these surprises were including fresh homemade banana bread, fresh homemade choc. zucc cake, etc. But this program is not for everyone. And if you recall our conversation I said the reason I was cancelling you was because you were just not happy no matter what we did or how we tried to make it right for you. I sincerely hope you find the program you are looking for. But you are correct on the things you said about alot of CSA's doing the things you accused me of. This I know first hand. But as our program is local everyone has always been invited out to SEE exactly what we do and we also have there is no secrets here. I am just sorry you feel the way you do. Again, I will ask you come out and see for yourself what all we do here and on the are and have always been more than welcome. That would be best next time. Thanks so much for giving us a try. Dlee