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Caution Advised

By: Regina Ragland    (Oct 20, 2012)

Started with this CSA in 7/12 and discontinued 8/30/12. During active growing season produce I received was very good but went down rapidly. When questioned, the owner said that the quantity & quality was due to a change over to fall planting. Eggs were NOT good. Small and runny with a dull yellow yolk. Noticed 50 lb. bagged onions on porch in mid August & wondered why a local farm would have to bag onions. No disclosures had been made that produce would be obtained through wholesale methods.

Notice of what would be provided from week to week was not given unless requested. Owner wants the element of surprise...I don't. Produce offered was not allocated evenly across the size of share purchased. The largest shares would receive items not allocated to smaller shares.

MANY delivery problems. May have been resolved by now.

Lots of promises....not much follow through.

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Dlee Reeves says:    (Nov 9, 2012)
Mrs Ragland I am sorry you were not satifiyed. We started withr first CSA June 1. We had kincks to work thru and asked forgiveness in this but also gave so many exta things including homemade fresh items that we baked ourselves. I would like to address your issues. Our eggs we have not had ANY problems with. Except that we were not producing enough fro all our customers. I have had NO complaintes on our eggs before. So many people come out to see all of our different chickens. As for the onions...I did have a bags of onions....which we buy from the wholesale market in order to USE them to put our onions in...just like the tomatoe boxes we bought and used and banana boxes and so on. I wished you would have asked and I would have gladly informed you of this. We also buy rubber bands (or they are actully given to us) that we use for broccoli to hold a bunch together....our broccoli but used rubber bands with codes on them. The wholesale things we bought we have always been honest the bananas and items that we buy which are organic the grapes and pears and such. But we told everyone that the bananas were the reg ones you could get int eh store, but we had so many people wanting them, so we tired to do what we were requested. We have sinced stopped because of complaints such as yours. MOST all our CSA customers LIKE the be surprised every week, and stated they would NOT like to know what is in the baskets. Those who want to know send me an email and I answer them privately so that the others can still have it as a surprise. They say and I quote "Its like Christmas morning eveery week when I get my bag". And I am not sure why you said what you did about the #1 vs #3. There is a big difference in price #1 $25 and #3 $49. The #3 would of course have more and different. As it is stated #1 gets 6 to 8 diff fruits and veggies and #3 get 01 to not only do they get more of each item in #1 but they get more variety. And from the begining our DELIVERY CSA program does nto allow for individualized baskets. BUT we have a swap table for local pick ups so you may swap out things you do not like or can not use. Again, I am sorry you were not happy with our program but our program does not work for everyone. WQe do hope you will come out to the farm and se for yourself what all we do here. When you were here before we were not ready for public view as we were still working on our greenhouses and our new hydroponic systems. Thanks so much Dlee