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Farm to Fork will change your life

By: Sara Burrows    (Oct 22, 2012)

Niti's CSA is a lifeline for me and my family. She provides us with real, nutrient-dense foods we can't find anywhere else. She also provides us with invaluable free information about what we should be eating to keep ourselves and our children healthy and disease-free.

Once you start eating the high-quality food she recommends and sells, there is no going back. Regular grocery store food tastes like and makes you feel like garbage.

I literally get sick every time I go out of town and don't have access to Niti's food for a few days or more.

As a nursing mother, I feel so grateful to have access to some of the only real, honest, medicinal food left on the planet and that Niti is working so hard to make sure that food still exists for our children's children.

Niti and Farm to Fork have improved my family's health and quality of life, and for that I am forever indebted to her.

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