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Amazing Turkeys and Chickens

By: FredR    (Oct 24, 2012)

We prepared one of their Turkeys last Christmas as part of a party spread and our friends are still talking about it being the best they'd ever had. We were happily impressed, ourselves. We cooked it 'normally' but with less time (as per Linda Hart's enclosed directions) because the birds that NATURE makes aren't all bloated and soft filled like mushy volleyballs re: butterballs...

She raises the birds in clean pasture with large, open shelters and supervises the processing to the quick frozen bird we picked up at the Vero Beach Farmers Market on the island.

Seeing the difference between natural birds like these and standard "store bought poultry" actually makes me angry that everyday commercial production birds have become such a mess. You notice the difference immediately as these natural/heritage birds are strong -flesh is firm and joints are amazingly strong and 'connected' -you can tell these birds got exercise, plenty of it. Linda Hart told me they fly around (hens, did she say?) -I'd like to see that.

I made a stock of the carcass and scraps that was so rich, so flavorful and obviously so healthy that it in itself is enough reason to get these birds. I may roast one ahead of time so I can make and have stock available for the Holidays.

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