Historic West Main Street Farmers Market

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Very Sad

By: alice kup    (Oct 27, 2012)

If you notice there wasn't any reviews for 2011 or 12, it has went down hill, I hope they get their act together for the sake of the vendors and customers. Half way thru 12 vendors started leaving, when I asked about the empty spots, they (vendors) were not afraid to grumble to even the customers.

Great location, but could use some fresh ideas....

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alice kup says:    (Mar 10, 2013)
I whole hartedly agree, it is a flee market with some "farmers" shopping at local grocery stores to pass it off as their own.

says:    (Apr 1, 2013)
This farmers market has some truly wonderful, dedicated, personable, committed vendors selling their homegrown, handmade products going on five years now. Of course there will be grumbling, as to the numbers of farmers during the season of 2012. They were way down, mainly due to weather. Many people do not understand what it takes to plant, nuture, harvest produce, fruit, grains, as a backyard farmer, to a farmer with 400 acres. And that just one hail, wind storm can wipe it all out in seconds, not to mention 100 degree, hot, dry days over months. There is no flea market items being sold. it is all local, and handmade.