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Will do MiniMiracles CSA again and again!!

By: Melissa Overman    (Oct 27, 2012)

So, I am one of thise that loves fresh fruits and vegetables, but just simply will not buy them in the grocery store. Not sure if it's the knowledge that I am buying produce from Chili that was picked before it was ripe and then shipped (where's the nutritional value in that?) or the various sprays, waxes, whatever that is used on mass produce or that much of it simply has no real flavor. Regardless, I don't buy it. I'm stubborn that way.

That was probably my biggest reason to start with the CSA...locally grown fruits and veggies that are clean and literally handed to me every week. If they are in my kitchen, I eat them. I started in spring of 2012 and the most significant observation I have made thus far is weight loss! I have lost 19 pounds with only small changes other than my diet! It wasn't fast...but it was consistent.

May not work for everyone exactly like it did for me, but it is a rare individual who gets enough fiber, vitamins and minerals...adding in CSA makes a HUGE difference!! And the only reason I go to the grocery store is for paper goods, some dairy and the occasional item I need for a specific recipe.

And if you're worried about the volume of food...I am single and get a full share. I can and freeze quite a bit...and will be eating fantastic tomatoes, blueberry jam, chicken and beef all year round!!!

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