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Good People - Where are you?

By: Mae Truong    (Nov 6, 2012)

I don't usually write reviews! Working in the multi-billion dollar organizations for 14+ years, I have learned not to easily "trust" the world. For the past months I have been searching for "true" food. Food that is back to the basic! I called, emailed, and talked with over a dozen farmers, but NO ONE was friendly, sweet, and informative as Xenia. I ended up spending a lot of money purchasing food that I thought was best until I spoke with Xenia. What she told me makes perfect sense. If only I spoke with her sooner!

Xenia impressed me! She spent almost like an hour on the phone with me, explaining and teaching me farming and food source. It was incredible! She hardly knew me, but was willingly spending time talking with me. She opened her heart to me. She shared with me stories about helping people and how she had helped people. Her farming principles and philosophy are admirable! By the end of the call, I did not just know her products and farming methods, but I knew her.

I ended the call with a changed attitude! I could not believe that people like her (selfless, caring, and community oriented) are still around today.

You could tell when someone is really passionate in what they do. Xenia is definitely passionate about farming, helping people, and doing the right thing.

You inspire me!!!

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