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Haven't received our share in over 4 weeks

By: Hedy MacDonald    (Nov 9, 2012)

Last year I would have given them 5 stars, because they were awesome. So this year we paid in full again for a full season, May-December. Then the problems began.

First, they stopped going to the Olympia Farmer's market, which is where we picked up every week. So instead of being able to pick up on Sunday anytime the market was open we had to pick up at an agreed upon location at an exact time. Minor inconvenience, but no big deal.

Then 3 times in the next few months, Jahn never showed up at the agreed upon time/place and did not call. So three times I wasted an hour and a half of my time to go get the share I paid for and he just never showed up. Each time that happened, he never contacted us but did delivery our share to our house the next day.

The third time it happened, I told Jahn I was not willing to meet him anymore since he kept standing me up. He apologized again and asked to change pick-up locations, saying it would never happen again.

Following week, pick-up occurred and I told Jahn we would be away for the next two pick-up days and would resume pick-up in three weeks. That was the last I ever saw or heard from Jahn. The week we got back we were stood-up again and never showed up the next day to delivery. Same happened the following week.

We have tried texted them, called and left messages, emailed them and NO RESPONSE! As far as I'm concerned that is stealing. I paid them for 8 months worth of food and after 5 months of service (and bad service at that) they just stopped. I am now out over $300.

Not sure if they plan on doing CSA next year since their hearts are obviously not into it this year. But if they do, I obviously would NOT recommend them. Nor would I personally ever use their store or bakery now that I know what their customer service is like.

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