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from: Puerta De Lomas Exotic Farms

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Everything passionfruit should be

By: Niels Marienlund    (Nov 28, 2012)

I'm a passionfruit freak. Unfortunately, even with its great weather, the Bay Area is no place for passionfruit vines. Maybe once every 3-5 years, Safeway will get a shipment for one reason or another, and charge people $3.50 per fruit.

I found out about High Tide Harvest through a Google search and I bought a 4lb box. Once I put them in the fridge, they were absolutely delicious. I'm very reluctant to share them, but I can't eat them all by myself. If only they lasted longer...

I plan on buying more fruit from High Tide Harvest in the future. The fruit arrived quickly and in great shape (save for one fruit which succumbed to its age, but that's to be expected). I'm thrilled to know I have a place to go to buy them. They are my favorite. Thanks HTH!

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Margaret Welty says:    (Sep 26, 2013)
I want to say that LocalHarvest AND High Tide Harvest ended up working so well with me that, in my mind, this is a GREAT team who works really well together and creates great customer service. The Passion Fruit is awesome. Just be sure that you give them your USPS (postal shipment) INFO and check daily to grab your box of fruit and ENJOY while it is at its PEAK. Lovely! Thank you all!

Carol Lundell says:    (Sep 3, 2014)
Dear Margaret, You can freeze the pulp, which I do, with excellent retention of flavor and texture. I do it in small quantities - 3 or 4 per container - so that I can quickly, and accurately, calculate what a recipe requires.