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Best chicken I've ever eaten!

By: Cynthia Kron    (Dec 18, 2012)

I am new to RRF. I wanted to try their products before signed up for a CSA membershop, so I bought a chicken through Lindy and Grundy, a pastured/grass-fed butcher in Los Angeles.

I hardly did anything to this chicken before roasting it -- just seasoned it lightly by putting fresh herbs under the skin. This was the tastiest chicken I've ever eaten--and I've bought plenty of pastured chickens since going "beyond organic" a few years ago. This chicken was better than the rest (and that is saying a lot as those "other" chickens were already much better than most organic chickens) and it was incredibly moist. It tasted like I had brined this bird even though I hadn't done so.

To follow up, I wanted to learn about a CSA membership and so I called RRF. I spoke with Xenia--she was absolutely terrific. She spent a ton of time with me on the phone educating me about her farming practices, feed, how the CSA works and the various options.

I am just in the process of becoming a CSA member so I cannot offer any further insights but so far I am impressed.

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Cynthia Kron says:    (Jan 7, 2013)
Just made chicken #2 from RRF, and I purposely roasted it very plainly so I could simply taste the quality of the meat and not be swayed by sauces, herbs and spices. It was moist, delicious and tasty.