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Great Oysters and Spreading the Oyster Gospel

By: Charles Lucy    (Dec 26, 2012)

Greg The Forbiddens were AWESOME! We introduced some neighbors to Oysters for the first time and everyone loved them. We roasted all of them. Some were served natural (ungarnished). Others were served with fresh spinach, bacon and goat cheese; the rest were served with Roasted Red Pepper slivers and fresh Parmigian Reggianno. The oyster newbies seemed to like the garnished oysters the best. Later in the evening; we went to another neighbor's place and he also served your FORBIDDENS at his home. Some were steamed and some were done Rockefeller style. Our progressive dinner Christmas party was a FORBIDDEN OysterPaLooza! Thanks again and we will hope to buy some FORBIDDENs from you again sometime soon. All the best, Chas

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