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Best Beef Around

By: Vincent Petronio    (Dec 28, 2012)

Grass fed beef is often stereotyped as lean, dry, and tough when compared to traditional grain fed beef. This meat is the antithesis of everything you've heard about grass fed beef. As a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America I have seen a fair amount of local and sustainable grass fed beef but none have come close to the quality of the meat produced by Ken Harvey. I had the pleasure to sample two ribeye steaks from Ken Harvey Farms and the first thing that struck me as unusally pleasant about the grass fed beef produced by Mr. Harvey is the intense marbling usually seen only in high quality grain fed meat. The steaks were incredible tender, juicy, and flavorful when simply grilled. The flavor of the beef is for lack of a better term the "beefiest" you will find and due to the expert pasturing of the beeves, the fat turns a pale creamy yellow that melts in your mouth creating a heavenly mouth feel and taste akin to homemade butter. As important as the quality of this product is the sustainable manner in which it is raised. Grass pasturing with plenty of room to for the beeves to graze is the norm at Ken Harvey Farms. The humanely raised cattle, sustainable farming practices, and unheard of quality and taste make ordering beef from Ken Harvey Farms a no brainer.

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