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By: Steve Berlin    (Jan 1, 2013)

I've been a member for five years and it has been a joy to participate and see the garden grow and expand in such a very beautiful and natural and way year after year. The farm allows for a wide variety of experiences, at many levels, and goes way beyond just getting good healthy vegetables and flowers. The garden provides a setting where people can learn to, through experience, move with the Creative Process of life and experience the sacred rhythms of the Earth through preparing the soil, planting, thinning, weeding, watering, harvesting, and doing this in agreemnt with people from all walks of life. There really is a lovely feeling of community, being with others who love the Earth and have a consciousness of being a good steward over the land and the critters who all play a part in this amazing outworking. It's always fun to come and stretch your muscles, and find your own space, which is always different each time you come. Sometimes you work by yourself in a very quiet & meditative way, contemplating whatever you need to think about, and at other times, your working with any number of people talking & sharing about each other's lives, current events, whatever, building fellowship & community. As far as the Educational aspect, I always enjoy showing up and finding that some church or school group of children or young adults have come to see, participate, and learn about what we and nature do as a team. They always leave with smiles on their faces and some vegies or flowers to take home. A very fullfilling aspect of our efforts is donating a percentage of the food that is grown to various soup kitchens in order to feed the hungry. It's good to share the bounty of our work with those further afield who are in need. So, if your ever in the area, feel free to come on by and meet the gang and see the land. They're both beatiful! :O)

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