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The Best Around (no green water balloons here!)

By: Rebecca Bralek    (Jan 6, 2013)

I have been going to local farmer's markets for several years now, and of all the choices of organic vegetables, I was immediately drawn to the table of Morningside Farm. The produce display definitely stands out with vibrant color and freshness. So, I wanted to know how and why their produce stood out so much. My friends and I joined the CSA last year, and with that we were able to volunteer on the farm and get to see first hand all that goes into making that stuff grow so beautifully.

Mr. Remington has researched and studied what the plants need from seed to harvest to preservation, as well as what the soil needs to keep producing such nutrient rich vegetables. His hard work and dedication is immediately evident, not only by looking at his products, but especially when you visit the farm. I highly recommend Morningside Farm for all your greens and vegetable needs!

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