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Real Food

By: Melinda Swan    (Jan 6, 2013)

Food nourishes on many levels. The folks at Morningside Farm get it. Visit their farm or market stand for an abundant variety of vegetables, greens, herbs and fruit - a veritable feast for the eyes and appetite! It tastes as good as it looks.

Their selection is the best. There is something delightful, authentic and surprising in the odd shapes and colors of bunches of carrots, baskets of potatoes and squashes (unlike the uniformity of commercial, commoditized foodstuffs). Graceful lettuces, delicate fresh ginger root and chubby sweet blueberries they had to fight the birds for.

[Farmer] George Remington's generous spirit comes through in his harvest. Organic farming is hard work and requires patience, optimism, mindful observation and attentiveness, along with a strong back and will to match. Organic production respects the land, the environment and the potential in every seed. We're the beneficiaries.

Thanks to Morningside Farm's greenhouses, we can continue to eat well throughout the winter!

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