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Emancipation Egg Proclamation.

By: Britnie Hiers    (Jan 6, 2013)

The eggs that I received from Casey were some of the best eggs that I had ever eaten. Not only did I not taste any added hormones (that the corrupt government wants me to ingest) but I tasted a lovely piece of liberty in each bit. You and I both know that if you crack an egg and see a huge monstrous yolk, that its going to be a tasty egg. Well, that what you should expect to receive from Casey's eggs. I have made several dishes with the eggs I purchased, everything from quinoa patties to scrambled eggs to quiches and they all turned out wonderful. I have no doubt that Casey's eggs played a large part of making my dishes wonderful. I find comfort in knowing who raised the chickens to produce delicious eggs and I encourage everyone to start buying local, fresh, and real food.

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