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Great Pungent so Fresh

By:    (Jan 14, 2013)

These are top quality, really fresh herbs. I could smell the aroma through double baggies. I was a bit worried about the hot fish pepper and nettles, since I have diverticulitis and sometimes just a little jalapeno can cause grief. Had to try it. Not only was there no problem, for some reason my body loves this stuff. I was actually better the next day. Anything that settles me down is A-OK. For that alone I would re order, but I really love the mix. Oregano is the top flavor, then subtle basil, but not too much garlic. I am putting it into a lot of recipes. A small amount, a quarter teaspoon, blends into the background and adds depth plus makes my internals happy. Recipe: soft greek flat bread (similar to pita or flour tortilla), top with mild cheddar, provolone or similar, and microwave to just melt the cheese. Sprinkle a pinch of herb blend on the cheese as soon as it is melted. Eat right away. So good on melted cheese. Don't forget to gently mix the bag of herbs before you first try it, to make sure the hot pepper is blended. Heh. I am very glad I tried it

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Sharon Carson says:    (Jan 16, 2013)
So glad you enjoy the blend . I make it for myself and always make more than I can use . It began when I used to sell fresh cut herbs at the farmers market as a way to make use of the herbs that did not sell at the market . I use it in just about everything I make, especially in the winter when fresh herbs are not available. :)Sharon