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Great tasting, nutritious chicken and beef !!!

By: Steve Bernet    (Jan 19, 2013)

We've being buying pasture raised chickens and grass fed beef from Appenzell for 3 years, and rabbits during the 2011 season. All products have been excellent.

We made the switch from supermarket products to fresh, wholesome products from people we know and trust. If you've not compared Appenzell chicken to supermarket chicken you'll be surprised ... it's a completely different product. Unlike store bought chicken, Appenzell chicken is flavorful and satisfying.

The grass fed beef available through Appenzell is excellent. Grass fed beef is much leaner than than grain fed beef and also much tastier. I was lucky to be involved in a 2 year project at Utah State University where we compared grass fed beef to grain fed beef. I developed a real appreciation for how beef should taste and can no longer eat grain fed beef which is fatty and lacking of real robust beef flavor. Try the beef available through Appenzell and you'll be hooked on grass fed beef.

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