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A little disappointed but still hopeful... (2 stars)

By: Leigh Candelas    (Jan 24, 2013)

Hello, we ordered a tray of the page oranges on 1/11/13 and it shipped on 1/18/13. I may be wrong but I was expecting it to arrive in 3 days. So every day, my two young girls and I looked for them. The box arrived yesterday afternoon (1/23/13) and it looked a little beat up. Still hoping for the best, I opened it up and was sad to see that some of the fruit had popped out of their cushioned compartments and looked a little squished and past their prime. Still holding out hope, I grabbed one of them and it was so overripe that I could not peel it and ended up squeezing most of the juice out. Waaaahhh! What I tasted was good but I soon discovered at least two more that had either split open or felt a little rotten. My daughter wanted one so I cut that one into slices for her but noticed a bad/rotten spot and cut around that and tossed it. That one tasted overripe so we stopped there. I put the rest in the fridge and am hoping the rest don't go bad too quickly. I really wanted to enjoy the oranges as much as the other reviewers had! I was hesitant to order fresh fruit from Florida to be shipped to Colorado and am hoping this was simply a fluke or maybe it's just too long of a trek for the little guys. P.S. I keep selecting '2 stars Could be better' but it ends up with '3 stars' when I preview it. Maybe it's my smartphone messing it up.

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Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Jan 27, 2013)
Leigh, Thank you very much for contacting The Orange Shop. We're very sorry to hear that all of the fruit you ordered did not arrive in perfect condition. In reading your report, the part about the box looking "beat up" and the fruit having popped out of the foam protection leads me to believe that somewhere in the delivery process, the box may have been dropped or handled roughly. Much of the fruit we ship is very delicate, which is why the commercial packers won't touch them. We take the risk, though, because the flavors and quality of the rare heirloom varieties are so outstanding. The downside is that they are also highly perishable, and if anything goes wrong during shipment, there can be problems. All the fruit is firm and fresh when it leaves the packinghouse, and the boxes are pristine. So, usually the shipping issues are related to rough handling or delays during shipment, over which we have no control. However, we do have a 100% arrival guarantee, so any fruit that doesn't make it in good condition will always be replaced, regardless of the cause. Your replacement has been scheduled for our 2/1 ship date, so you should see it late the following week. Hope they arrive in good condition, and that you enjoy the fruit. Many thanks. Pete