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Arrived squashed and moldy. Box was very wet.

By: Lynnette Mikesell    (Jan 25, 2013)

Oranges did not arrive in Arkansas today in good condition. If not squashed and moldy, they were very soft, except for 5 out of 13. The 5 are passable, but I would not have hand picked them at the store. I believe I deserve a refund or replacement shipment. I like the concept so, I am willing to give it another try, with assurances of proper oversight.

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Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Jan 27, 2013)
Lynette, Thank you very much for letting us know that your fruit did not arrive in perfect condition. As is noted on our Local Harvest store, all of our fruit has a 100% arrival guarantee, so if there's any problem, we will ship a replacement for any that did not arrive in good condition regardless of the cause. The past two weeks have been brutal on fruit arrivals. We pick when the fruit is at peak ripeness, rather than harvest them before their prime to improve the shipping ability. It was in the 80's down here, and cold as the dickens up country, so as the boxes moved in and out of warm and cold conditions during delivery, a lot of moisture built up. If the box was handled roughly and the fruit bruised even a tiny bit, we saw a lot of very rapid decay. It's all good when it leaves the packinghouse, of course. Fruit this ripe is highly perishable, but to us it's worth the risk to get the exceptional flavor. We will ship you a generous replacement for those that didn't make it because we want you to enjoy every piece of fruit we promised you. Many thanks. Pete Spyke