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New Customer

By: Regina Ragland    (Jan 27, 2013)

Just received my first order and was very pleased with the quality & freshness of the produce. The turnip greens were large bunches with the root left on & in sizes from radish to slicing size which I like. Lettuce heads were heavy and full & the head of cabbage had it's outer leaves still there for use. The eggs were large, the yolks had good color and they were not runny. The list of offerings had a great mix or organic & conventional items allowing me to pick & choose what I wanted to order for my first delivery. To my surprise some broccoli was available as well as some Beefsteak type of tomato that were from a hydro grow. Letting them ripen for a couple days so can not comment on their taste but they look very nice.

This type of service may not be for everyone, however it works for me. No contracts, no weekly requirements. Mr. Corte is very courteous & willing to work with customers. Looking forward to their continued success & chasing fresh veggies from the farm to my kitchen.

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