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A Weekly Blessing

By: Patrick Fink    (Feb 3, 2013)

I look forward every week of the growing season to going to market and picking up my share from La Terra Vita. The produce is amazing and varied, sublimely fresh, and often comes with a hidden recipe or poem tucked away inside. Art and Lucie worked hard to select the site of their beautiful little farm, and the care that they put into their work is more than apparent in the quality of the food that they deliver.

Don't be fooled by the lack of some "organic" certification. Though there's no certificate on the wall, they tested the soil and groundwater of their site and they go to great lengths to use no unnatural means of growing, and even exclude the use of "natural" pesticides like BT that are used in conventional organic operations. In the modern world, you can find no cleaner nor more nutritious food than theirs.

The CSA that they offer comes at an excellent price and they deliver great value. Throughout the season, varietal standards are intermingled with interesting and novel selections including unique and heirloom greens, hard and soft neck garlics, herbs, wild scavenged treats, and gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. Not to be missed are the nearly weekly offerings of many fingerling and new potato varieties. With the variety provided, it's enough to keep a ravenous pair up to their neck in veggies, or to easily fill the basket for three.

La Terra Vita cannot be recommended highly enough. Get to know your farmers while they bring you wonderful food-- join in!

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Lucie Gouin says:    (May 13, 2013)
Great news! La Terra Vita is now certified organic by Oregon Tilth.