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INCREDIBLE customer service, worked with us even in ALASKA!

By: Sarah Posey    (Feb 7, 2013)

We've just received two boxes of the most luscious, eye-poppingly yummy citrus we've ever tasted, thanks to the generosity and T.L.C. of The Orange Shop's products and - especially - its customer service. I'm a first-time customer. Was inspired to order by a free shipping offer -- usually too good to be true when vendors find out they're shipping to Alaska, but I received a prompt can-do email from Pete when I placed my order online. He acknowledged the difficulties of shipping their usual order volume so far in winter, but also offered a reasonable and generous way to compromise -- still with free shipping. VERY impressive. The fruit left Florida on Feb 3 or 4, arrived by USPS Priority Mail here in cloudy Southeast Alaska on Feb 6th, with every single orange (2 varieties, many dozen fruit) dry and edible, the vast majority in absolutely perfect condition.

I am impressed beyond words. Hubby (who grew up in South Africa with fruit farmers in the family) is raving about the citrus, best he's ever had. Tween daughter - a fruit fiend - will need careful minding so she doesn't eat all within days. Teen son and I are the fruit-shy members of our family foursome, but we're eagerly tucking in as well. Altogether an incredible experience.

I felt compelled to go on at length here because I see there are several recent reviews giving low star ratings -- but I also noted Pete's rapid responses to each and absolutely trust that he has honored The Orange Shop's 100% guarantee in replacing fruit that was damaged in shipping. In this day and age, such attentive service is rare indeed. So go ahead... give this business a try. You've nothing to lose and some heavenly fruit to find!!!

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Pete & Cindy Spyke says:    (Feb 8, 2013)
Many thanks, Sarah. That's the kind of report we like to hear. We go to great lengths to see that our ultra-perishable fruit arrives in good condition. The vast majority of the packages do arrive without any incident whatsoever -- including all the way to Alaska. Occasionally, problems occur, and often they're not pretty, which triggers an emotional response that's completely understandable because everyone's expectations of us are so high. Our expectations of us are even higher, though, so when problems occur, we always make them right. That's the only way we can go about shipping the rare, delicate citrus varieties that are often only available from The Orange Shop. Other shippers are scared of bad reviews, so they stick with the sure things, but what fun is that? We like to take the risks that are necessary to provide wonderful heirloom varieties, and push the seasons to allow the fruit to attain the exceptional flavors that occur even though the shipping ability might not be as favorable as earlier in the season, but that's who we are, and what we do. You are correct that everyone who had an issue did eventually receive exactly what they ordered, with a few extra fruit included to compensate them for the negative experience of receiving a box of fruit that was not in perfect condition. We appreciate the time and effort that you devoted to your review, and hope your family continues to enjoy the fruit. I've been to South Africa, and they grow some great citrus down there, so that's high praise coming from your husband. Thanks! Pete