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from: The Orange Shop

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Delicious and well worth waiting for!

By: Lisa Grandstaff    (Feb 13, 2013)

I ordered a honeybell and grapefruit combo through Local Harvest from the Orange Store. The transaction went smoothly and within a day or two I received a notification email that my shipment went out. I was to expect it within 2 - 3 days. Alas, it did not come on schedule, and when it did arrive, I was anxious to taste fresh citrus fruits right off their own tree!

I pulled a honeybell out and tried it... it was incredible! Imagine my dismay when I found four of them (as I unwrapped the protective tissue around each fruit) moldy! I got in touch with the company via email and within hours I had a personal reply, telling me that they were contacting all customers who had ordered during the time that I had, because the big storm along the east coast had interrupted delivery schedules and they needed to know if the fruit was okay.

I replied and explained what I found, that four of the honeybells were moldy, all of the grapefruit were fine... the very next day, they shipped a small box of a half dozen to replace the ones I lost. All were otherwise perfect-- large, juicy, sweet, texture of the flesh amazing, and in spite of having the normal delivery disrupted by the weather the fruit was worth waiting for and their customer service was flawless.

Do not hesitate to try The Orange Store! DEE Licious!

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