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What's For Dinner?

By: Betty HAWORTH    (Feb 20, 2013)

For Years I read about CSA Farms but they are in California and the Northeast and in stories in magazines. BUT,,one day I thought about doing a search on the internet just to see if there was a CSA Farm within driving distance to me. We live in Moyock. Surprise, I found we DO have some CSA Farms in Hampton Roads.. I read all the reviews and decided to call Grassfield Farms, the closest one to me. I spoke to Howard and liked him. I sent him a check for a couple share and waited for spring to come.. No more gardening in our back yard plot.. I would let the expert do the farming. Although we had a weather disaster last year, we still ate quite well all year with plenty for the freezer. My favorite is Kale and Mustard greens and yellow squash. And best, we made a friend and enjoy talking with Howard and getting to know him.. ( He is quite a smart man). Most of all, I like the idea that Howard uses minimal chemicals and only when necessary. When I make my Kale and Bean soup I know I have something really healthy. I will be sharing my veggie recipes with everyone and hope they are well liked... Pray for a cool summer and lots of squash.

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Howard Flenner says:    (Feb 20, 2013)
Thank you Betty and Roy. It has been a pleasure to have you as members of Grassfield Farms CSA. It has been a joy to speak with you guys each week and email back and forth throughout the winter. There is nothing like meeting new friends each year. Thank you once again!