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Homegrown and Amazingly Delicious!!!

By: Sarah Hudson    (Feb 24, 2013)

We have all gone to the grocery store and bought "homegrown tomatoes" get home and slice it and take your first bite to think, "really this is home grown!" Just because it says "homegrown" at the market, does not mean it is of the best quality. I found this to be true the first time I took a bite from a tomato I bought from Integrity truly had that "homegrown" taste of a good quality homegrown tomato! I have bought tomatoes from many local produce stands, markets, and local farmers, I've never had homegrown tomatoes like the one's at Integrity Farms! They taste just like I grew them in my own garden! Love this place! I have also had peppers and fresh eggs from them and everything I have got from them is always of the best quality! I would highly recommend this company!!!

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