Sodaro Ranch Berkshire pigs

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Avid Meat Eater

By: Barbara Sanchez    (Mar 6, 2013)

After a trip to Argentina (who are known for having the best beef in the world), I became quite spoiled to rich tasting beef. Once home, I was quick to be disappointed in what I found in our markets. When seeking better/healthier meat to buy, I found the Sodaro Ranch. They are a privately owned ranch, who take a lot of pride in the raising and outcome of their livestock. The taste proved it! It would satisfy the pickiest of meat eaters! I now only buy my eggs, chickens, and steers from them. I have yet to be disappointed! I was very excited to find out they were raising pigs; having had Berkshire meat before and now preferring it over other pork. The meat is tender with just the right amount of pork flavor. I cant wait to try the pigs they are raising, which look healthy and are sure to be very tasty!

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