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Great food, great experience for the children

By: Niki Mason    (Mar 11, 2013)

Byrd Farm and their CSA came as highly recommended by a friend and fellow "foodie". We joined up with Deb last year and couldn't be happier. We've continue going to the market even through these winter months and I honestly love to brag to family and friends that what we're eating or serving them is not only good for them but local and supporting a family just down the road. Deb and her crew know me and my children by name, they have our order ready and are so flexible if we see something else we can't resist.

The food is incredible! I didn't even know what to do with kale until last fall and now we (the children included) eat kale chips weekly thanks to Deb and Bobby for not only introducing us to the leafy green but telling us how to prepare it. I can no longer eat a store-bought apple - I'm spoiled by the wonderful flavor of the CSA's apples. The children enjoy choosing which color and sized egg will make their breakfast and really enjoyed being introduced to the "ladies" who lay them.

The market is an experience in itself and the children get so much out of it. The people, the foods, the smells and sights. It's a wonderful education for our children and one every child should experience.

Overall, there's nothing like eating fresh and local and knowing the people who've put their heart and soul into feeding our family a healthy meals. Join up!

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