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Not Worth It

By: Carolyn Kuzontkoski    (Mar 29, 2013)

I really wanted to like this group, but I had such a terrible experience I feel compelled to warn others about it.

We tried things out for a year with monthly meat packs as well as produce and milk deliveries. The meat packs were okay but often the meat was not labeled and several of the items were not good. We gave away most of the sausage because we thought it was so bad. The vegetables and fruit often went bad the next day and arrived to us looking wilted.

My biggest concern is regarding the customer service. They do not have a good method to track your purchases online. Firstly, I updated my email address months ago, and they claimed that I was sent emails leading me to believe that they never updated their records. When asked to produce the emails that supposedly had been sent to me, they conveniently never responded.

We had a discrepancy about a delivery. I never received it and they claimed that they tried to get in touch with me, but they could not produce the email nor would they confirm when they called, the number they called, etc. When I called them, they told me I would receive a refund. After weeks of waiting and nothing, I contacted them again. This time they told me I would only receive a partial refund. This partial refund had not been processed either. Apparently, they were hoping I would forget about it.

It seems like a bad practice that they would tell me one thing originally, and then wait until I follow up weeks later to tell me that the situation had changed.

In addition, they do not provide methods that you can check the status of your order. If you cancel, you receive no confirmation, nor do you see it reflected anywhere.

Earlier in September, when I tried to cancel the "Dinner for 2". I received no confirmation and had to send two emails before I received a response that my order had been cancelled.

Even after they told me I would only receive a partial credit, I needed to follow up with them AGAIN before getting a credit finally several more weeks later.

If you're like me, you probably don't have time to mess around with a company that doesn't know how to run a business and that overcharges for a sub-par product.

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