Black's Heritage Farm

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Take your business elsewhere.

By: Nigella Graham    (Apr 23, 2013)

Three of my friends attempted to work for Black's Heritage Farm on separate occasions, and all had very bad experiences. They all had to fight to get their paychecks. A little searching through Iowa court documents and you can verify that Norine Black repeatedly mistreats employees. I suspect that the one positive review on this site was written by this business' owners, because I have never met anyone with a positive employment experience at Black's Heritage Farm. These are not good people. Please take your business elsewhere, and support local farms who have better ethical standards.

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says:    (Jul 24, 2014)
I find this interesting in my theory if you treat them right they treat you right, I worked for her along time ago, and seen her the other day, and always gives me hugs, and thanks me for all the hard work I did for her, not the Norine I know.