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Great place to visit, run by wonderful people.

By: Glenn Sonnabend    (Jul 29, 2013)

I drove a couple hours up to Beechtree last week and had an excellent experience. I learned about the farm through Eat Wild, and after cross referencing it through google and seeing favorable reviews, I decided to make the trip.

Lucia met me at the farm, and did everything possible to make me feel at home and welcomed. She sensed that I had an interest in the farm and its products, and educated me on everything I wanted to know and more. She showed me around the farm, showed me her excellent selection of meats, and even recommended and called a local farm for me to pick up some produce at.

And speaking of the meats, which I came there for: I was very satisfied. Beef, pork, lamb, all raised humanely and on 100% grass (at least the beef and lamb). She had every cut of beef I wanted, and the marbling was unbelievable. Whoever said grass fed beef lacks fat content or marbling needs to see Lucia's selection. Unbelievable rich, "prime" quality cuts of beef. Her lean cuts were indeed lean and handsome looking as well, but I came for the fat. Unfortunately I have not tried any of the steaks yet, as they are still in my freezer; but as an avid carnivor, I know quality in beef when I see it. These are beautiful cuts and I can't wait to sink my teeth in.

The prices at Beechtree are also very reasonable and appropriate for the quality of the meets. In addition, they have a nice CSA program that nets you about 15% off on all of their products.

This is a wonderful place that I highly recommend. They have no sign so you just need to follow the GPS coordinates. It's a long gravel driveway that runs parallel to fenced in pastures, leading to a barn. Thanks again to Lucia and her husband for sharing this wonderful place.

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