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Pasture Chickens Only Once a Year

By: Pen Har    (Sep 21, 2013)

I went to this farm in hopes of purchasing fresh pasture chicken. I was told very sternly by the owner that they only get pasture chicken only once a year from another local farmer and they don't get many and they only last 15 minues when they do have them. So I asked if I could get on a list to purchase the chicken when they come in, I was told an emphatic no. I said well how might I know when the chicken comes in and he said to call, I responded by saying shall I call each day? He said no, that would be a lot of calls, so he ended the conversaton by stating that this is a dairy farm, not a chicken farm. If I want dairy this is the farm. So I got the hint I should get out of there. I was very disappointed, I will not visit or recommend this farm. I expected a lot more based on the web-site and the reviews. This was an unfortunate experience for me.

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says:    (Sep 25, 2013)
The website for Gramen Farms makes it abundantly clear that it's a DAIRY farm, not a chicken farm, so why you'd be upset that you can't get chickens there is unfair.