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Awesome local CSA!!

By: Cora Moyer    (Sep 23, 2013)

I have been a CSA member at Bauder Farms for 2 years now, and can't recommend them enough. Tom and Debbie are ethical and friendly family farmers who work very hard to provide fresh produce to the community. Tom is very kind and transparent - he is happy to give a tour of the farm so you can see exactly how the vegetables are grown and the practices he employs, such as crop rotation and chemical-free pest repellents. You can trust that you are getting top-quality produce for a very reasonable cost. Every week there is an ample share at pick-up, and you would never find such delicious, fresh veggies at the grocery store. This goes for the eggs as well. The chickens are well cared-for and treated humanely. Have these eggs for breakfast just once, and I guarantee you'll never buy them at a grocery store again!

I love being a member of this CSA. Not only am I doing something good for my family's health and well-being, I feel like I am making a small contribution to the local economy and community. The Bauders have become like family to me - I love spending time helping in the fields and learning something new every week. I have even brought my young daughter to learn about where food REALLY comes from, and she loves to go for a tractor ride! Joining this CSA was one of the best decisions our family has made, and I highly recommend Bauder Farms to anyone in the area considering making the transition to locally-grown produce.

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